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A web page is designed to present interdisciplinary research projects developed

at Archaeology department of Lithuanian Institute of History



Neolithization of coastal Lithuania

Funded by Research Council of Lithuania, Global Grant (VP1-3.1-ŠMM-07-K-03-021)


dr. G. Piličiauskas, A. Kurilienė, dr. G. Piličiauskienė (Lithuanian Institute of History), prof. R. Jankauskas (Vilnius University), dr. R. Vengalis (Kernave Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve) and other


publications are under preparation...


2011-2012 Prehistory of the Curonian Spit: methodological aspect of complex researches

Funded by Research Council of Lithuania (MIP-025/2011)

dr. G. Piličiauskas and M. Žemantauskaitė (Lithuanian Institute of History), dr. R. Vengalis (Kernave Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve), dr. J. Šečkus (Nature research center Institute of Geology and Geography)

Piličiauskas, G., 2013. Kuršių nerijos archeologinių tyrimų strategijos (Archaeological research strategies on the Curonian Spit). Lietuvos archeologija, 39 (in press).



Chronology of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age on the evidence of AMS dates from ceramics


Funded by Research Council of Lithuania (MIP-01/2010)

dr. G. Piličiauskas (Lithuanian Institute of History), G. Grižas (National Musem of Lithuania), prof. dr. M. Lavento, dr. M. Oinonen, dr. V. Palonen (Helsinki University).


Piličiauskas, G., Lavento, M., Oinonen, M., Grižas, G., 2011. New 14C Dates of Neolithic and Early Metal Period Ceramics in Lithuania. Radiocarbon, 53(4), 629-643


Piličiauskas G.. 2012. Lietuvos neolito ir ankstyvojo metalų laikotarpio chronologija naujų radiometrinių datų šviesoje. Lietuvos archeologija, 38, 11-52.



Reconstruction of Pleistocene lake basins and a survey of possible activity traces of Early Man in south-eastern Lithuania


Funded by Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation (T-09168)


dr. G. Piličiauskas (Lithuanian Institute of History), D. Jurkėnas and Th. Laurat (State Office for Archaeology in Saxony-Anhalt, Halle, Germany), hab dr. V. Baltrūnas (Institute of Geology and geography, Vilnius, Lithuania)


Piličiauskas G., Jurkėnas D., Laurat Th.. 2011. Neandertaliečiai Lietuvoje? Prielaidos, tyrimai ir perspektyvos. Lietuvos archeologija, 37, 9-24


Baltrūnas V., Šeirienė V., Molodkov A., Zinkutė R., Katinas V., Karmaza B., Kisielienė D., Petrošius R., Taraškevičius R., Piličiauskas G., Schmölcke U., Heinrich D.. 2013. Depositional environment and climate changes during the late Pleistocene as recorded by the Netiesos section in southern Lithuania. Quaternary International, 292, 136-149



Submerged Prehistoric Archaeology and Landscapes of the Continental Shelf


COST Action (TD0902)

Lithuanian members: prof. dr. Vl. Žulkus, dr. A. Girininkas and dr. A. Bitinas (Klaipėda University), dr. G. Piličiauskas (Lithuanian Institute of History


Piličiauskas G., Mažeika J., Gaidamavičius A., Vaikutienė G., Bitinas A., Skuratovič Ž., Stančikaitė M.. 2012. New archaeological, paleoenvironmental, and 14C data from Šventoji Neolithic sites, NW Lithuania. Radiocarbon, 54(3-4), 1017-1031



Flint processing and use in metal ages

dr. G. Piličiauskas (Lithuanian Institute of History), dr. G. Osipowicz (Archaeological Institute of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland).


Piličiauskas G. and Osipowicz G. 2010. Flint processing and use in metal ages. Few cases from Lithuania, Kernavė and Naudvaris sites. Archaeologica Baltica 13, 110-125.



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