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research project

Neolithisation of Coastal Lithuania


Funded by the Research Council of Lithuania (grant VP1-3.1-ŠMM-07-K-03-021).

Hosted by Lithuanian Institute of History, 05.2013.-06.2015




24-26.09.2014 Piličiauskas G., Heron C. and Piličiauskienė G.. 2014. Palaeodiet and aquatic radiocarbon reservoir effects in the light of research on foodcrusts in Lithuania. Presentation at international scientific meeting 'Radiocarbon and diet: aquatic food resources and reservoir effects' held in Kiel, Germany, and organized by the Graduate School "Human Development in Landscapes" and with additional support from the Leibniz-Laboratory for Radiometric Dating and Isotope Research, the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology (ZBSA), and the University of Kiel. http://www.rre-conference.uni-kiel.de/index.html


Piličiauskas G.. 180 years researching Nida Neolithic site. What's new? Presentation at international conference 'Horizons of archival archaeology' held in Nida, Lithuania. Organisation by Kommission zur Erforschung von Sammlungen Archäologischer Funde und Unterlagen aus dem Nordöstlichen Mitteleuropa (KAFU), Klaipėda University, Thomas Mann Museum, and Thomas Mann Culture Center




Piličiauskas G.. Neolithisation of coastal Lithuania. Presentation at international conference 'The Baltic Sea a Mediterranean of Northern Europe in the Light of Natural Sciences, Archaeological and Historical Research from Ancient to Medieval Times' held in Gdańsk, Poland




Luik H., Piličiauskienė G.. 2013. Šventoji neoliitiliste asulate luuesemed: esialgseid tulemusi kasutatud materjalide ja töötlemisvõtete kohta (Bone tools at the Neolithic sites of Šventoji: preliminary results about used materials and working methods, in Estonian). Poster presentation in a seminar 'Interdisciplinary possibilities in the research of past events' held in Tartu, Estonia.



Piličiauskas G., Vengalis R., and Kurilienė A.. 2013. The most recent field survey in Šventoji, NW Lithuania: methods and discoveries. Presentation at an international conference 'Naujausi archeologiniai tyrinėjimai' (The most recent archaeological investigations). Organised by Society of Lithuanian Archaeology and Klaipėda University. Held in Klaipėda, Lithuania.



28.09.2013 Lietuvos žinios, 2013-09-28 (a newspaper article in Lithuanian)



Piličiauskas G., Vengalis R.. 2013. Preliminary results of GPR study at Šventoji wetlands, NW Lithuania. Presentation at an international seminar 'Stone Age Bog site Workgroup' held in Holma near Höör, Sweden.





Vakarų ekspresas, 2013-07-30 (a newspaper article in Lithuanian)







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